Brittany Fleming exploring the streets of California




Hey there, my name’s Britt! I’m an Ottawa-based lifestyle photographer who believes that photos should be as interesting as the people within them.

Born and raised in the rural community of Fergus, Ontario, I spent most of my adolescence outside experimenting with a camera. However, it was a three-month backpacking trip to Europe that sparked my passion for travel and photography. Having found a way to combine my two interests, I came back home knowing exactly what I wanted to do.

On my most recent trips to Nicaragua, Peru, and California I was fortunate enough to meet and interact with many locals. This has empowered me to connect my camera to their hearts – to put myself in their shoes and feel their story.

I love developing a natural friendship with my clients. It allows you to let your guard down and allows me to only capture the most genuine shots, so that when you look back on your photos you truly feel that you are back in that moment.

What`s your next adventure? I`d love to be there to document it for you!